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June 11 Friday Night Resources

Some notes 🙂

We’ll collect attendance as best as possible from the Zoom records 🙂

At this stage, we expect to be online still next week – we’re doing an all in trivia night so please take a moment to promote that tonight with the info provided

If you have any further questions/ideas/thoughts, feel free to contact your LG Co-ordinator, Senior Team member or Singe

Suggested run of the night:

6:45 – Team members jump on, get set

7:00 – Youth jump on:
Have a couple of team members allocated as MCs to welcome people and keep the energy up! Consider reminding youth to have their real names in zoom
The host can use this time to start setting up breakout rooms based on pre-made lists
Consider having music playing

7:10 – Activity/Ice Breaker
Have a team member plan an activity that everyone can participate in – there’s plenty of ideas if you do a quick Google 🙂

7:20 – Message
MCs intro the message – “We’ve got a great message from another youth tonight” – get youth settled and ready to listen

7:40 – Send youth to breakout rooms
Decide in advance whether you’re going to come back together at the end, or end the night from Breakouts – its probably easiest to end the night from breakouts as it allows a bit more flexibility on end time.
Go through some of the questions with your group – make sure you’ve watched the message before Youth and looked over the questions and adjusted them to suit your group
After you’ve done questions, if you’ve got time and your youth are keen, feel free to play games or whatever

8:30 – End the night
Leave youth wanting more, not feeling like the night dragged on – if it suits the group to end earlier, then do that – but don’t go later that 8:30!

8:30 – Team debrief
Team come back into the main meeting at the end of their groups to do Red/Green, Encouragements and plan for next week!


Are Australians selfish?
What are you selfish with?
Does your family talk about money? Why/why not?
Do you think you’re ready and informed enough to look after your money?
Whats the most generous thing thats ever happened to you?
What does it take for someone to go from selfish to generous?
Whats the most generous thing you’ve ever done?
Why are you generous when you are?
What are some ways you could be more generous this week?
Why do you think Jesus wants us to be generous?

Zoom Links:

7/8 (hosted by Singe)

9/10 (hosted by Stacey or Laura via Youth account)

11/12 (hosted by Hannah)


Youth Ministry University:

DYMU is a great resource that we provide at no charge for you to grow your youth skills at any time – make sure you take advantage of it! You should have received your login details (either recently if you’ve just joined the team, or last year) but if you’re stuck just let Singe know and we’ll sort it out!

We’re challenging everyone on the youth team to finish the 100 and 200 modules by the end of the year – they’re less than half an hour each and if you do about 1 a month you’ll meet the goal – and be a better resourced team member!

Enter when you answer questions in a module so that we know where you’re up to.

Three Hallmarks of the Gateway Youth Team

We are Jesus first – how are you putting Jesus first?
– In our preparation – turning up in a good place spiritually as much as we can
– In our example to our youth – we don’t shy away from this 
– In how we operate both on Friday nights and with our youth at other times – sensitive, listening – and obedient

We are Team Gateway – are you on the team?
– In our preparation – we bring our best, we do what we say we will do
– In our example to our youth – we bring them on the journey of serving – and we’re Team Gateway outside of Youth
– In how we operate on Friday nights – eagerly fill the needs of the night, fill gaps organically

We value people – did you value that person?
– In our preparation – we keep track of the youth calendar and we’re on time
– In our example to our youth – we teach them to value others both actively, in the example we set, and by bring them with us – We turn up!
– In how we operate on Friday nights – we notice who and what is around us and we acknowledge and fill needs

Ongoing resources:


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