Apply to Join the Youth Team

Applications are
currently by invitation

We try to keep the team consistent each year and ask our team members to serve for a year at a time. Although we occasionally have a need for a particular role during the year, general applications are taken during term 4 each year.

Application Information

We’re so excited that you want to work with our youth. We’re sure you understand that we have an extensive child safety policy and guidelines for our ministries that involve working with children (legally defined as anyone under the age of 18) and this application process is part of doing our utmost to ensure the safety of children at Gateway activities.

Before you apply, there’s a few things you should know:

-Not everyone is successful on their first application for the Youth team, but don’t make this an excuse not to apply. Pastor Singe responds to every application with specific feedback and generally there is a path towards joining the team if you are serious about it. Many factors affect how many new team members we have in a given year including things as simple as the needs of the ministry – some years we simply have too many applications! Why don’t we make unlimited space on the Youth team? Because our role is to serve the youth, and the broader Church – releasing volunteers to other roles so that the whole church is best served.

– The Youth Team has guidelines that you will need to read, understand and adhere to. Additionally, you will be provided with a copy of the Gateway Child Safety Policy which supersedes any other information – you will be required to read this policy and formally acknowledge that you have read and understood it.

– Part of the application process is collecting the details of 2 references who we will be contacting by email, make sure you have their email addresses handy when you fill out the application. It’s a great idea to let them know you’re putting their name down so they can be on the look out for our email and respond promptly so that we can get back to you about your application quickly.
IMPORTANT: One of these people needs to have seen you working with people under 18 (so maybe a teacher, a parent you babysit for, a school buddy program, Godzone, or other volunteering) and only one person can come from Gateway.

– You also need to separately acknowledge the Gateway Child Safety policy – this general acknowledgement is required from every Gateway volunteer no matter their team or position. Please complete this step, even if you have already done it for another ministry, so that we have an up to date record attached to your Youth Team application.

– You’ll need a valid Working With Children Check. You can apply for a volunteer WWCC for free and you can find Gateway specific instructions with all the other links below. It’s quite straightforward, but there are some specific fields you’ll need to fill with the information provided.
IMPORTANT: If you have an existing WWCC, you are still required by the legislation to add Gateway to your WWCC.

The Application Process

You need to complete all four steps, and we need to hear back from both your references before we can make a final response to your application. Please do step three, even if you have already done it for another ministry, so that we have an up to date record attached to your Youth Team application.