Youth Team


Regular Forms

This Friday


  • Do you agree that the most important part of you is what happens in your heart? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think David’s practice as a shepherd prepared him for that moment with Goliath? If you had to guess, how would you describe David’s heart?
  • David knew that God was with him on the battlefield. What is something that you can do to remind yourself that God is with you every day?
  • This whole idea of “the heart being what matters most” was very important to Jesus. Can you think of a couple of ways that He demonstrated that?
  • Why is it hard for teenagers specifically to live out a life where you pay more attention to your heart than your external factors?
  • What is something that you need to press into now so that you can prepare for spiritual success tomorrow?
  • Pray together

Recharge/Team Notes

Devos for Meetings

Keep it short!
60 secs is all that is needed – one key point/takeaway
Keep it real!

Bring something from your personal devotional time – we’re all leaders who are
engaging with personal devotions right?
Keep it encouraging!

How are your words encouraging the team and setting up the night?
Suggested outline:
1 – Read the verse/quote and mention where you found it
2 – What was God saying to you through this? (1 point only)
3 – How can we apply this to our ministry?

Team Notes

Youth Team WINS!

Faith Convos – Not every conversation needs to be about faith, but we are missing the point if none of our conversations are.

Follow Up – Follow up shows that we care about each and every person

Family – Meet/talk to parents – they entrust their youth to us, so connecting them to us and to the church is a major win!

Friday + – Whether we use any of ‘The other 166 hours of the week’ to connect with our youth shows them we actually care.

Youth Ministry University:

DYMU is a great resource that we provide at no charge for you to grow your youth skills at any time – make sure you take advantage of it! You should have received your login details (either recently if you’ve just joined the team, or last year) but if you’re stuck just let Singe know and we’ll sort it out!

Three Hallmarks of the Gateway Youth Team

We are Jesus first – how are you putting Jesus first?
– In our preparation – turning up in a good place spiritually as much as we can
– In our example to our youth – we don’t shy away from this 
– In how we operate both on Friday nights and with our youth at other times – sensitive, listening – and obedient

We are Team Gateway – are you on the team?
– In our preparation – we bring our best, we do what we say we will do
– In our example to our youth – we bring them on the journey of serving – and we’re Team Gateway outside of Youth
– In how we operate on Friday nights – eagerly fill the needs of the night, fill gaps organically

We value people – did you value that person?
– In our preparation – we keep track of the youth calendar and we’re on time
– In our example to our youth – we teach them to value others both actively, in the example we set, and by bring them with us – We turn up!
– In how we operate on Friday nights – we notice who and what is around us and we acknowledge and fill needs

Ongoing team links