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Either you or a youth you care for provided your information when they attended Gateway Youth for the first time recently. We promise we’re not going to send you a thousand messages from here on out, but we aim to partner with parents to support their youth so we just like to make sure you’re in the loop with what Gateway Youth is all about and how to get in contact with us if needed.

We’ll keep it short – there’s a bunch of information you can have a look at here: gatewayyouth.online

On this page you can find out how our program works, dates that are updated each term and access all our policies (including our Child Safety Policy).

Although we collected some information about your young person/people at youth when they arrived, we do ask that you fill out our participation form – it’s nothing crazy (we’re not selling your data, we swear!), just a few details that you’d provide to any community organisation you might ‘enrol’ a young person at (like a footy club for instance). You can find the form at the link above or jump straight to it by clicking here.

If you ever have any questions or concerns you can contact us by email at youth@gateway.asn.au.

Finally, if you want to keep even more up to date with Gateway Youth, you can find us on Instagram or Facebook.

We hope that you have all the information you might need, but please just reach out if there is something not covered!

The Gateway Youth Team

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