Youth Creative

Youth Creative exists to be a safe place where all feel welcome to learn more about and
grow in the unique creativity that God has gifted to them.

Creativity is part of the DNA of Gateway Church and at Youth Creative we aim to uphold Gateways core values of Fun, Growth, Excellence, Relevance & Encouragement,

As a team, we have fun in all we do and help others to do the same. We are always looking for opportunities to grow both in our creative skills, but also in our personal and spiritual journeys We strive for excellence always, but never seek perfection. We are a safe place to make mistakes. We aim to share a relevant gospel message by using our creative gifts.

Most importantly, we encourage each other in all moments to create a supportive community.

● Youth Band
● Youth Music
● Youth Drama
● Youth Writing (coming soon)
● Youth Dance (coming soon)
● Youth Tech (coming soon) (If you are interested in serving on tech, see Ben Kelly)

Tuesday Night Band Rehearsal
Every week: 5:30-7:00pm @ Gateway (14 Heversham Drive, Seaford)
We run on a biweekly schedule, which centres around our Friday night Youth Program:
Life Group Week
This is the Tuesday before our Friday night Life Groups. This is a night to learn new songs, learn some new skills and hear masterclasses from great people
around our church community. The run of the night will look something like this:
● Short Devotion
● Time to pray and worship together as a team
● Split off into groups to learn new skills/Masterclass
● Gather together as a group to showcase what we have been working on
House Party Week
This is the Tuesday night before our Friday night House Party. This rehearsal is aimed at making sure we are ready to play at the upcoming House Party, so there will be a focus on the musicians and vocalists who are rostered on that week. We do however still encourage everyone to come along to these nights, as we will always endeavour for everyone to have a turn. We also know that our team is better together, being able to encourage, support and learn from each other.

Tuesday Night Drama Rehearsal

Every week: 7:15-8:15pm @ Gateway (14 Heversham Drive, Seaford)

Whether or not someone is rostered on for a Friday night, they are still a crucial part of our team! If someone is rostered on a Friday night (which you can look at the roster below to find out), musicians will need to be at church at 5:30pm and vocalists at 5:45pm.

We typically do a showcase twice a year for family and friends to come along to and enjoy the incredible talents of our amazing team! Keep an eye out on our facebook page for more information.


There is no general cost to be a part of our weekly Youth Creative program.

Once youth begin playing a Friday night, they will need to use ‘in ear monitors’, which Gateway sells for $25 (you can buy from elsewhere, although we recommend ours as a vetted budget option).  Once these are bought, it is up to the youth to look after them well and remember to bring them along or an additional $25 pair will need to be bought.
(For rehearsals, youth are free to use whatever earphones they may have at home with an aux cord plug in.)

Song List
How to add these links as “apps” on home screen

We would love to hear from you if you would like to be a part of Youth Creative
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