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Gateway Youth is part of Gateway Church. We exist to champion young people during the tough teenage years. We’ll encourage your young people, teach them about Jesus and the life that He offers, and offer to journey along with your youth.

Gateway Youth is run by a great team of volunteers – all of whom are selected and screened according to our child safety policy. We aim to come alongside parent/carers and partner with you to support young people so don’t be surprised if someone from the team makes contact with you to see how we can best support you and your teens.


Program Info

All the latest updates are available on the Gateway Youth Facebook or Instagram. We also provide specific updates for parent/carers on the Family & Friends Group.

You’re Welcome Here

Everyone (in year 7-12, and year 6 in the second half of each year) is welcome at Gateway Youth! No matter your background or experience with church, we’re stoked that you’re here. When you join us, you’ll be encouraged, hear a positive message, make new friends and have a great time!

We have an awesome team who’ll make sure you find your way, have fun and become some of your greatest cheerleaders. We know that it can be hard to come along to a new place so there’s a variety of events each term; some have more people which might be your thing, or you might prefer to start off at a quieter night. No matter what you choose we’ll do our best to make sure you fit in.

All our events are drug and alcohol free.

The Basics

We have a few different types of nights and options depending on how deep you want to go – but here’s the main thing to know: Youth is on every Friday during school terms at Gateway Church (14 Heversham Dve, Seaford) from 7-8:30 unless you want to stay for Equip (details below) which finishes at 9. Sometimes we have a special event on in which case we’ll give you heaps of notice – make sure you follow us on socials and you’ll always be up to date!

House Party – 7-8:30pm, Fortnightly

You’re invited to our place! Games, live band, activities and a great message with everyone in one room for maximum energy! You’ll be surprised at what happens each and every week.

It’s free to get in but a canteen is available.

Life Groups – 7-8:30pm, Fortnightly

Youth is about more than just fun – it’s about doing life together and learning more about Jesus. At Life Groups we split into smaller groups that allow you learn, support and get to know each other – and have fun too!

Equip – An optional extra every week – 8:30-9pm

Been around church or youth for a while? Ready to go deeper with the ‘faith stuff’? Equip is for you! We’ll challenge you, teach you and help you get to know Jesus better. If this isn’t for you yet, no stress – we’re stoked to have you for just House Party or Life Group too!

Invite Nights – Occasionally, with plenty of notice

Invite Night is the perfect way for you (or your friends if you’ve been coming to Youth for a while) to experience Youth for the first time! Each Invite Night is super fun, super relaxed and different from the last with plenty of time to get to know new people.

Youth Creative

Youth Creative exists to be a safe place where all feel welcome to learn more about and
grow in the unique creativity that God has gifted to them.

Youth Policies

If you’re after more specifics about how we operate and keep children safe, this is for you. Below you can view a copy of our Youth Team Handbook which includes all of our policies and procedures for Gateway Youth, including the overarching Gateway Church Child Safety Policy (and the policy by itself if you’re after just that). If you have any questions or would like any clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All Gateway Youth programs and events are drug, alcohol, cigarette and vape free.


Participation Form
When a new youth begins attending, we ask a parent/carer to provide some contact and permission information so that we can best support all in our care. More information about our program and policies is available above.

Transport Form
Sometimes it’s helpful for us to provide some of our youth with transport to and from youth events in line with our transport policies. We want to ensure that you are aware of those policies and that you have given permission for your child to be transported by a Gateway volunteer or staff member – you can do that with this form. More detailed information about our policies is available above.

Youth Coaching Form
Some youth can benefit from having a member of the youth team as a ‘coach’. When we coach youth we try to do the same thing a sports coach does, but for the youths life in general. We ask about what is going well, what they are struggling with, and offer plenty of encouragement – encouragement in life and faith is the main purpose of coaching.

If a team member is meeting youth in person outside of Gateway Youth programs, even as a one-off, we use our coaching policies to provide appropriate boundaries.

We always back parents/carers and have policies for disclosing particular conversations to the parent/carer directly – although we encourage youth to talk openly with their parents/carers at all times too. More detailed information about our policies is available above.

Contact Us

We’re here to help with any questions, requests or complaints: